Saturday, May 7, 2011


hey guys,

What do you think of Samantha? Do you want to see more of her? Where do you think she'll end up?

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  1. I felt she genuinely cared for Sam and just got greedy. not sure about her sticking around. it'd b good for sam to find someone besides his first love to spend eternity with.

  2. I think Sam needs a mate, but not Samantha. I hope we can see a bit more of him, maybe atoning for what he did or did not do. His sister really does love him. I think even vampires can have a relationship with their twisted siblings and parents.

  3. I actually like Sam and Samantha together. As selfish as Samantha may have come across she did save him. He was bringing out the goodness in her. I would like to see Sam help her be a better Vampire.

  4. I thought of Samantha as low and selfish but after Sam really touched her soul and haert her guards were starting to come down and I can honestly say that i think she'd go anywhere with Sam. She was willing to die with him . If that meant turning from bad to good for him...she'd do it. I think you should keep her in the book but don't let him take her back so easily... :) but honestly whatever you chose i know it'll be perfect! <3

  5. by the way ce93da38-8230-11e0-ab1d-000bcdcb5194 is me I'm deidre :)