Monday, May 16, 2011

Jacket for Book #4!

hi guys,

I wanted you to be the very first to see the jacket for Book #4 (DESTINED), so here's a sneak peek!

If all goes well, the book might even be released as soon as May 27! I will keep you posted as we get closer!

Best wishes,



  1. Great. I have been holding off on starting a new book,cause i need to read book 4. Very anxious to find out what happens next.
    Thanks, Dawn

  2. I just finished reading the first 3 books, all in the last week and they were so amazing. I was very excited to see that the next book will be released soon. I get so wrapped up in the way that you write your books, you truly have a gift. There was never a moment when I thought there should be more.

  3. Thanks so much, Dawn and Belinda!

  4. question. do you know if book 4 will be released on ibooks (apple app) on its release date? or does it take time for to it to be accessible on there?
    also would be good to see this on the big screen!
    its a killer of a book!