Sunday, August 25, 2013


I am thrilled to announce that I am hoping to release my new book, A GRANT OF ARMS (BOOK #8 IN THE SORCERER'S RING) around September 20th! Here is the jacket!

I am also pleased to announce that A GRANT OF ARMS is now available for pre-order on Google Play and Kobo (and will be on iTunes in 48 hours). (Amazon and BN do not allow pre-orders, for now.) Here are the links!

Thanks so much for all your support!

Best wishes,



  1. How many books are going to be in the series?

  2. Hi Morgan, I only downloaded the first 7 books in the series a month ago and I am reading them for the second time already!! You are such a talented writer that each time I pick up my Kindle it is a fight to put it down and get on with other tasks, much to my hubby's amusement! Keep up your amazing work, I look forward to getting the new release as soon as it's possible. Thanks for a great reading experience, Sam.

  3. Looking forward to this book with the utmost impatience, can't believe that Thor went to the dark side, now it gets more interesting! perhaps his all caring mother who keeps telling him to come to her but as far as we know has made no efforts to reach Thor himself may finally make a move? Will Gwen give up on Thor? and I wonder if that Black sword of Thor's is more powerful than the destiny sword which was so easily cast away. Never the less this book is going to be EPIC! CAN'T WAIT!

  4. Hi Morgan I can't wait for book 8!!!

  5. i just cant wait for the new book to come out. the end of book 7 was a total game changer. i just wait to read more on this fantastic story. the same question comes up for me, will thor be saved and who will save him? keep up the good work and the great imagination. please keep me guessing on what is going to happen next.

  6. Hello Morgan. Loving the entire series. Read the first seven in less than one month.

    I see book 9 available for pre order on iTunes. But I cannot find Book 8 on iTunes as of today.

    Is it delayed? Thanks!