Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Google Play!

For those of you who are still waiting to buy A VOW OF GLORY on Google Play, I am happy to announce that I have confirmed that you can now buy it via the new Morgan Rice APP and import it into Play!

Also, as of today, I am told Google Play supports importing of PDF and EPUB files, so you also have the option of buying the book in these formats via the Morgan Rice site! (

The APP is free! Here is a link to download it on the Android Marketplace.


Best wishes,



  1. After buying A Vow of Glory from the online site, and downloading both the PDF and EPUB versions, I attempted to import into Google Play Books. The PDF file imported fine, but the EPUB version did not work (I could open the EPUB in other reader apps). After reading up on it a bit, it appears any DRM encrypted EPUB files will not import to Google Play.

    Just wanted to mention this in case others try it. If I am doing something wrong, and it has worked for others, please respond so that I can try to get my book into Google Play.


    P.S. I could not find a way to import a book from the new Morgan Rice app into Google Play either.

  2. Hey Morgan Rice when will the A vow of glory be on google play please continue to contact them about the book untill it is up I would like to buy it from google play books without all the upload and stuff from your new application

  3. It is live now!

  4. Do you have a release date for the Spanish version?