Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday, June 15!

hi guys,

I have good news: I have a definite release date for the new series (THE VAMPIRE LEGACY): Friday, June 15!

Sorry for the delays, but the reason it took a while is because I finally realized that all this time I had been writing not one books, but two! So on Friday, June 15, I will be releasing both Books ONE and TWO in the new series on the same day! Book #1 is RESURRECTED. And Book #2 is CRAVED.

As a special thank you for all your support, I am going to give YOU--all of my fans--Book #1 for FREE! All I ask in return is that you help spread the word and let others know about it. Just visit the site ( and join the email list, and you will receive the first part in your inbox!

Thanks again for all your support! Having fans like you makes it all worth it!

Best wishes,


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