Monday, December 12, 2011

Paperback of VOWED

hi guys,

I am thrilled to announce that the paperback edition of VOWED is now live for sale on Amazon!

Best wishes,



  1. morgan rice i just want to say Happy Holidays and I think you did sooooooooooooo great on the journals i wished they would go on i love them more then my james patterson novel series actually its #1 on my list of best book/books ive ever read i wish i had signed paperbacks of all of them i live in Fort Lauderdale Florida any chance that you would be here at barnes and noble for signing if so please email me weather or not you are any time soon my email is again u did great i cant wait for the last one..... i will cry when its over

  2. Hi was wondering when the next book will be out? Thx and happy holidays

  3. Morgan, i was just wishing you happy writings lol and i cant wait for 8th book to come out i check Barnes and Noble every other day to see if it was released early lol no luck but i also can wait for the trilogy so i can download them on the nook i also bought the 1st 3 books of the vampire journals ill get the rest next week just wishing u luck and waiting (impatiently) lol