Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another child?

hi guys,

Do you think that Caitlin and Caleb will ever have another child together?

If so, in what time era do you think it will happen?

And what do you think this child will be like?

I love hearing from you!

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  1. I don't think another child is necessary. It complicates things too much.

  2. Is it possible, with both now being vampires..?

    I agree that it might complicate things too much... You would have to think of an explanation as to why it became possible, or if they end up meeting with one of them still human, then how that happened... Perhaps the only way I could see it happening is if Caitlin goes back in time - without Caleb - to the time just before Caleb becomes a vampire.

    An alternative might be to have them run into their lost child. Of course, it is not their child anymore, but some connection could be present, something they just "feel". But again, that might become complicated quickly...

    That's just my 2 cents based on what I have read so far - you know your characters, your world, and the "rules" of your world best! :)

  3. I also agree that it may complicate things but I also feel that it is an important part in the book. From what I got so far is that "rules" always have lupoles. I noticed that when Kyle went back in time to find Caitlin, he also said he cannot wait to get back to the future to finish his war. The "rule" for going back in time is stated that vampires can only go back in time, not forward, but Kyle clearly states he cant wait to go forward to finish his war. Therefore, if he can get past a rule like that then it is possible to get past the "rule" of 2 full vampires cant have a child. I think a new child would be a major role in the story. If not then Morgan wouldn't have made her pregnant the 1st time. Caitlin and Caleb having a child may complicate things but that will just make the story more suspenseful and have you wondering what else will happen next. I CANT WAIT for the next book!

  4. I Think That It Would Be Great For For Them To Have Another Child. And Even Better, If They Had A Child That Was On The Island With her in the present time. Maybe The Cause Of Her Being Able To Have A Child Is That She Is The Chosen One.

  5. I also think that Caitlin and Caleb should have another child that would play a major role. It would be a great ending to the book.

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