Monday, June 20, 2011


hi guys,

What do you think of Caleb's ex-wife, Sera? Do you like her? Hate her? Do you want her to appear in future books? And if so, in what role?

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  1. Well, I think you pretty much made it clear that she wasn't a complete B**** until after losing Jade. She still seemed really possessive toward Caleb. I'm not really a fan of hers. But if Caleb falls for Cailin in a previous life, before Sera, then I guess it would be totally different. You could take this series to a whole number of different conclusions. It just depends on what you want to give your readers. You won't please everyone, that's a given. Just let your heart or mind (which ever you write with) lead you to the right conclusion for you. Can't wait for the next one to come out. Thanks for a great series!

  2. I feel like she's accomplished all that she needed to and if she werent to appear in future books I wouldnt be devestated.

  3. I'm torn on this one. I like her but HATE her. There is always a sour grape in every bunch and she's that one. If Sera didn't appear in future books I would sadly miss her but I wouldn't be upset. Thanks for a geat series!! Can't wait for more.....

  4. Oh idea for you B and Shell!! She could go back in time and find Caleb (but remember she wanted a divorce) and then get possessive and what not then Caleb could totally deny her ,like he tried to do in the (?)3rd book(?) I dont know, then you could get her in the book and still hate her!! :)

  5. Either way you proceed with Sera is fine,there always has to be some addl drama added to the situation.

  6. I loved Sera and the way that her character developed. I think that she and Caitlin could have been good friends if they had the chance. I hope Sera makes an appearance in future and although I think that Caleb is destined to be with Caitlin, Sera should find someone too. I loved Blake as a character and it is a shame that he died in book 4. It would be perfect that in book 5 he were to make an apperance too and a relationship with Sera would be perfect xxx

  7. I think that she presents a nice counter-character to give some depth to the romance of Caitlin and Caleb. It seems like, without her, it would be too easy for them to be together - baring any major and/or minor memory losses, of course ;)

    It was kind of nice when at the end of Book 3 Caitlin and Sera started finding some affinities. Maybe in future books that aspect could be re-explored. I suppose it also depends on when back in time Caitlin goes - if it's before Sera's human birth and such.


  8. Honestly I don't like Sera but I feel that she used to be a major character in the book. I also agree that she has made her role already. I want Caitlin and Caleb to be together and I feel that they are destined to be together. I hate to say it but every time i'm reading near the end of the books and Sera gets brought up I think, Oh ya! I forgot about her. I forget about her because I feel she is not important anymore at this point. She was only important when there was talk about Jade and now that Caitlin knows the whole story about Sera and Caleb then there's no point for Sera to be involved since Caitlin wont care and wont let Sera get to her.

  9. Well I Dont Like Sera and i do like her all at the same time. I Wouldn't Mind If She Didn't Show Up Again In The Books But If She Did Show Up When They Go Back In Time Again I Think She or Polly Should Fall In love With Blake. Blake Was Amazing And I Think That He Should Definitely Meet Up With Caitlin and Caleb Again. I think the book would still be great if sera wasn't in it, she was a really good character but i think That her time is over in the series.
    This Series Is THE BEST! Your A Great Writer! Please Don't Stop!

    Thanks, Carmen your #1 Fan